Nomtsas Safaris

Auctions on Nomtsas, held by Windhoek Livestock Auctioneers

Lisa und Albert Voigts, Eigentümer von Farm Nomtsas

Auctions on Nomtsas

Next Auction: 27 June 2019

Starting at 10:00


We are expecting:

250+ Weaners

250+ mixed cattle

For more Info please phone or whattsapp Rudi Klein: 081 229 9059

Phone Albert on 081 124 9572 and

Auction Dates 2019:

27 June 2019

19 September 2019

6 November 2019

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The Nomtsas Auction Point has reached high importance and support from cattle farmers and breeders.
Auctions are held 4 times a year: April, July, September and November

All Auctions are dominated by weaner sales.
Bonsmara and Simbra weaners are dominant and reach highest prices.

Female Bonsmara stock and Stud Proven Bonsmara Bulls are on offer from various Breeders.

Important stress avoiders:
Get your Herdstatement directly from the Namlits system on the internet (click here) or at you local state vet office. Check your animals from the Statement BEFORE you let them depart. This will save you time and money in the end. Please bring your checked Statement along.

make sure your Permit is ready in time and correct. Nomtsas is an AUCTION POINT in the Hardap Region. It is a requirement that your cattle arrive with a valid Permit, Departure form and checked Herd Statement!

If you don't own a truck or want to organize your own transport, please get in contact with Oubaas Klein. He does organize various trucks to run hence and forth in the most cost effective manner.

Please make use of the site to advertise your cattle before the auction. Feel free to send us pictures of your cattle (mail them to and we will post them on the site for potential buyers to see.

If you are proud of your lot, let others know! Ask us for advertising boxes to be put up at your pen for others to see that you are the owner, what kind of cattle you are selling and whether they have been treated. The Infobox will hold an A4 paper. You can print or write your info on the paper and slide it into the box. NB: This works best for good quality females.

a few things to keep in mind: We are doing our best to get as many potential buyers to visit our Auction, but we all know that numbers and Quality are the big buyers-magnet. The more you support the auction, the stronger it will get, the more buyers will come and the better the prices will be. It is YOUR auction as well!

PLEASE let us know well in advance what kind and number of cattle you are bringing. Buyers are phoning us and it would be great if we could deliver numbers well before auction date. Please phone Rudi Klein in this regard.

Please make sure your cattle is manageable. We are aware that the occasional wild animal exists in every herd, but if your animals are a danger to us and our pens we will NOT have them through the ring and they will be sold in a safepen without being weighed!

Thank you so much for your support! we promise to do our best to keep the auction good and strong!